Heather’s Story

Hello! I’m Heather and I help amazing, introverted young professional women to step up, step out and step into amazing careers.


I’ve always been passionate about supporting and empowering introverted women – I just didn’t always realise I was doing it! I often found myself working with incredible women who were so hardworking, experienced, loyal and just damn great at their job – and couldn’t believe it whenever I spoke with them, that they couldn’t see all the amazing things that I did. So I gave them the encouragement, kind words, confidence and evidence that they needed to be able to back themselves and realise their worth in the workplace.

When I took a moment to look all around me, I realised that this problem was everywhere. Women – especially more introverted women – couldn’t take a professional compliment, couldn’t “own” their own work, wouldn’t dream of asking for a pay-rise or asking for a promotion, even if they were already doing the work and just wanted the recognition. And I knew all of this was wrong.

But I knew that none of this was going to be easy. As a young, professional and introverted woman myself, I’ve had so many challenges to overcome throughout my 10 year career in the Not For Profit and Digital Marketing space. From being overlooked, undervalued and underpaid to bad bosses, internal politics and extroverted work spaces, I’ve learnt how to navigate the tricky world of the workplace, as an introvert, by harnessing my unique introverted power.

I call this my “I”.

'When combined, your introverted personality, skills, likes and communication style become your introverted power. This is your own unique 'I'. Use it to be seen, heard and respected.'

Heather Currie, CalmPassionate Coaching

At first, I struggled working for organisations that didn’t understand that ‘group bonding’ was my idea of torture, that not everyone wants to hang out at lunch and how open plan offices are basically the worst idea for productivity ever. At least it was for me!

Despite the challenges, I found a way to make it work. I loved my job, I worked hard, went for promotions, asked for the pay rise I knew I earned and would never be given otherwise. I worked crazy hours trying to “prove” myself whilst managing an inspirational and kick-arse all female digital team who were just nailing it.

And then I burnt out.

The hours, the stress, the constant depletion of my “I” meant that I simply had nothing left for myself. I hadn’t put myself first and I had lost sense of who I was, what I loved doing and why I was living with so much stress and fatigue. I put work first, above myself and my relationships and spent the next 1.5 years trying to recover and regain perspective.

I realised that I was working with people that didn’t understand how their extroverted approach affected myself and others. Externally, I had it under control. Internally I was suffering.

That’s when I realised that my experience and skills could actually help women like me, to achieve their goals, nail their dream job, look after themselves and do whatever they wanted BECAUSE of their ‘I’ not in spite of it. I knew I could really make a difference and help women to put themselves forward in their life and their career.

That’s where CalmPassionate Coaching comes in.

And this is when I realised that my “I” was the most powerful aspect to me being a successful leader. I was able to look back, analyse my strengths and see how I did it. I’ve learnt from my mistakes, I’ve taken risks and I’ve lived outside of my comfort zone – for far longer than is comfortable!

Now I want to help you too. If you’re ready to harness your own introverted power and step into your dream life, thenemail me today to book in a free career-changing chat.

I really believe that you can do ANYTHING you dream of and I’d love to help you make that happen. Whether you want to step up, step out or explore something you know you’re capable of, then I’d love to hear from you lovely!

Are your batteries depleted lovely?

Are you always putting others first?

Do you want more laughs and love in your life?

I'd love to hear from you beautiful - I think we could make a great team and get you living a life that you absolutely love and have the energy for!

My Philosophy:

You see, I’m passionate in helping women like me to using their introverted skills to help them get ahead and live the life of their dreams. I want to show women how they can build their own confidence to back themselves, to ask for what they want and deserve and to help them get to where they want to be.

I believe that everyone is so completely different and that my coaching style reflects your individual needs. There are 7.5 billion people on this planet and there are 7.5 billion completely unique introverts – because everyone has a little bit of both.

I believe in all types of equality – whether this is gender, age, experience, sexuality, personality type or financial, I am very mindful of what YOU desire, what YOU dream, what YOU need and love working with my clients because it is different every single time.


I love giving back and work with and donate to many awesome organisations whom I really believe in.

My Learnings:

These are my main learnings that I want you to have…

  • I always thought that if I worked hard, it would be recognised and appreciated
  • I thought that when I smashed my KPI’s year after year and increased income that I’d get a pay rise
  • I thought that when I was doing a manager’s job, that I would be promoted to be the manager
  • I thought that when I went for a job I had the exact experience for, I would get it.

The truth is, things don’t always happen like you think it will. It definitely doesn’t happen if we don’t put ourselves forward and ask.


Today, women are still underpaid, overworked, undervalued and underappreciated. We’ve been conditioned to believe that this is ‘normal’ and that we don’t deserve more – and we shouldn’t ask for it. I’m calling B.S on that.

In Australia, nearly 30% of organisations have no women in key managerial positions

I want to help amazing women to utilise their introverted power – the power of their ‘I’ to say:

  • I am good enough
  • I am experienced enough
  • I deserve more
  • I deserve to have a powerful, purposeful and meaningful career
  • I deserve to go for the job of my dreams
  • I can smash it out-of-the-park
  • I can do anything I want to do
  • I can just do it my way

Heather’s Fun Facts:

  • I’m an English girl now living in Melbourne, Australia with my hubby and pup
  • I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers – and I’m the eldest
  • I am undefeated at Sing-star with “Deeper Shade of Blue” by Steps
  • I have a lot of piercings but no tattoos
  • I sing to my dog. All. The. Time.
  • I’m a big fan of letter writing
  • I eat really fast
  • I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • I’ve travelled to over 30 countries across 6 continents
  • I made dinosaur wedding toppers for our cake
  • I’m also a trained Graphic Designer and Meditation Teacher
  • I have short hair and love wearing headbands, hats and cool headwear
  • I’m an email marketing specialist #proud #girlnerd
  • Reading is my favourite hobby. Reading in the bath is my favourite place – outside of bed!
  • I need to rest and recharge a lot – the world just zaps my energy!

I may be an introvert, but I also LOVE:

  • Karaoke – in a booth, on a table, at a party – it’s so much fun!
  • Shiny, sparkly, glittery – like a magpie
  • Dancing – any opportunity to have a good dance!
  • Dinosaurs. Particularly the T-Rex
  • Giving my opinion – when appropriate of course!
  • Fancy dress and face painting

Thanks so much for reading this far down! If you like what you read and you think we’d make a great team, then I’d love to hear from you.