Are you ready to get clear on your career and spark your life passions?

You want to feel worthy, confident, valued and heard as a sensitive person, in your work and your life. You are ready to put yourself first and to better understand your sensitive skills, so you can excel and love your life. You want to feel calm, confident and in control of your career and you want to have fun doing it! You yearn to live in alignment with your sensitive nature, not against it, in all areas of your life. You have come to the right place.


I believe that living in an extroverted world is taking its toll on sensitive women. We give so much of ourselves away, that we often leave anything left for ourselves. And we’re often told that being sensitive is a negative thing. But I strongly believe that being a heartfelt, sensitive woman is incredibly beautiful! We have so much love, compassion and inner wisdom to give to this world. And when we dig deep to understand ourselves, learn how to unlock and love our introverted, empathic or highly sensitive skills – then we can turn them into our sensitive superpowers!

I love working with incredible, like-minded women who want and desire more for themselves!

  • Women who feel the world and want to understand and unlock their introverted, empathic or highly sensitive power
  • Heartfelt women who want to put themselves first so they can fill their cup before they fill others
  • Sensitive women who want to feel worthy, confident and valued in this world and in their work
  • Women who are tired of living life “on repeat”, who want to step outside of their comfort zone to live in alignment in all areas of their life

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Deep down, you know that you have so much more to bring to this world, but you’re not quite sure where to start or what steps to take. I know how hard it can be to break free from fear and to take the first step towards the career and life you want to live because I have been there too. You’re in safe hands and in the right place.

If not today, then when…?

In your career I can help you to…

    • ask for the long overdue pay rise you deserve
    • get ready and motivated to apply for your dream job
    • build your confidence to go for the promotion you yearn for
    • navigate and thrive from redundancy
    • be seen, heard and respected as a sensitive person in the workplace
    • how to start building your dream online business

In your life I can help you to…

    • find your voice in this extroverted world
    • recognize your energy, listen to your intuition and set your energetic boundaries
    • unlock and love your sensitive skills, turning them into sensitive superpowers
    • face your fears to break through your procrastination habits
    • understand your sensitive self and your triggers
    • slow down, feel into what’s really right for you and to let go of what no longer need
    • reconnect with yourself to rediscover what you love doing and bring magic into your life
    • step out of your comfort zone in a soft and supportive way
    • deep-dive to unearth your meaning and purpose
    • re-energize yourself in a gentle and empowering way

Your journey to feeling confident, calm and clear in your career starts here.

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