Hello lovely! I’m Heather Currie – a passionate and proud introvert.

I’m so happy you’re here – well done for taking the first step and for recognising that you deserve more in your life and your career.

I’m a Beautiful You trained life and career coach. I love working with incredible young professional women, who are fed up of sitting back and waiting for reward and recognition to happen for them. They’re ready to take action, do the work, put themselves forward for opportunities and back themselves Many of them also happen to be a little – or a lot – introverted too.

I help amazing introverted women to navigate the workplace – often a challenging place for introverts – step up into leadership roles or step out of their current job and into the career of their dreams.

I also help women to love their life and look after themselves first so they able to help others too.

I love seeing women embrace their own introvert – I call this my ‘I’ – to better understand themselves and gain the confidence to say “yes” to opportunities that they have earned and deserve.

I’m incredibly passionate about many issues, women’s rights, equality and the gender pay gap being just a few to start with! It’s my dream and vision to see more women in leadership roles across the world. Especially introverted women.

Why introverts?

  • Because I know how hard it can be to navigate the workplace on a day-to-day basis.

  • I know how hard it can be to summon the courage to put yourself forward for your dream job after months of talking yourself out of it.

  • I know how it feels to lose out because I couldn’t appear more ‘extroverted’.

  • I know how it feels to not be sure about what you want to do, what you love and what to start exploring.

  • I know how it feels to hold myself back because of fear.

Have you ever felt that you weren't 'good enough?' or 'experienced enough' for your dream job?


As a passionate career coach, I can help you to harness your own unique, introverted power to:

  • Ask for that pay-rise
  • Put yourself forward for a promotion
  • Step up into a leadership position
  • Step out into your own business
  • Start exploring your passions to see what brings you joy
  • Look after and love yourself so you can stop holding yourself back
  • Build your confidence and manage your fear
  • Listen to your body, soul and mind
  • Go for whatever it is that you want – you deserve it!


You DO deserve success.

You DO deserve recognition.

You DO deserve the career that you've always wanted and know you're capable of.

If you think that’d we’d be a great team, take a look at my career changing coaching packages and get in touch beautiful lady.

Get to know more about me, my philosophy and how CalmPassionate Coaching started and if we’re a good fit for each other.

If you have any questions, fears or worry that you’re completely “stuck” where you are, then feel free lovely to drop me an email.


I’d be more than happy to help make this as easy as possible for you!


With love,