Heather Currie Life coach for introverts, empaths and highly sensitive people. CalmPassionate Coaching.

I work with some of the most incredibly heartfelt, committed and inspiring women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sensitive sisters who deeply want to connect with themselves to feel free from their fear and to unlock and love their introverted, empathic and highly sensitive selves every day.

They’ve all been on amazing journeys and have achieved fabulous things. If you’ve ever wondered what coaching with me feels like, ask my incredible clients. Together, it’s our journey, but it’s their life and their stories…

“Before I started coaching, I wanted to feel like I was ‘living’ and getting out there by slowing down and focusing on one thing at a time. I’ve become really aware of how much I procrastinate, and through coaching, I have learned a lot about myself and I’ve certainly made a lot of changes. My family has noticed that I’m more active and getting out more too. I’ve also gained more energy and confidence and I now feel less ‘stuck’. Now, I’m more proactive in doing what’s best for me, without making excuses. I found Heather to be really helpful, encouraging and easy going. If you want a coach who is understanding, gentle yet encouraging, this is your girl!”

Alison Freeman

Executive Assistant

Before I started coaching, I felt lost and was looking for a career path that I could enjoy and that made me happy. I was struggling to get energy and purpose in my life and wanted to feel more organized so I could achieve more things.

Working with Heather was the best decision I have ever made, the experience was so unique and heart warming! Now, I have more energy, I’m more organized and people around me have noticed how confident I’ve become!

But the biggest change was within myself. I’ve learned to accept and be proud of myself in every way. This confidence is a part of everything I do and every decision that I make.

Heather’s energy is contagious and she works her magic so you don’t feel any pressure and she always asks your preferences to give you a great sense of achievement between sessions. She works in a calm and profound way and she really understands and “gets” you. Now I feel less anxious and stressed, more confident in making positive decisions and I’ve found a new career path that I’m excited about too.

I’d definitely recommend working with Heather at CalmPassionate Coaching – I just love that this name fits her so perfectly!

Lama Alami

Mum & Digital Marketer

“I am truly grateful to have been on this coaching journey with Heather – it was everything I wanted and so much more! I used to feel stuck and was unhappy with my job, but I never really knew what I should be doing, where I should be heading or what I would enjoy. I really needed some guidance to help with my self-doubt and procrastination barriers as I kept making excuses that I was “too busy” to do anything about it.

As a sensitive introvert, Heather’s style and understanding were perfect for me. I had complete trust in her and she helped guide and support me into realizing exactly what I wanted to do and what success for me looks like. I also benefited from going to her Vision Board Workshop which perfectly complimented my coaching sessions (and I highly recommend all clients go to one if you have the opportunity!) as creating my vision board meant I could refer back to it during our sessions as I reminder of what I wanted, how I felt and my overall goal.

Because of coaching with Heather, I went from feeling lost and not having a clue, to launching a craft blog that fulfilled my passions and I wouldn’t have got there without CalmPassionate Coaching. Now I feel fired up and excited to grow my blog and share what I do with others because I have learned to accept myself! I highly recommend CalmPassionate Coaching because Heather makes you feel at ease from the very beginning and now I am looking forward to the future with a different outlook and I know it will be amazing!”

Joanne Gold

Digital Marketing Coordinator & Blogger, Flori Park

“I used to really struggle with confidence and being able to accept myself – I felt like I was walking into a dark room without a torch! I knew where I was at in my life and where I wanted to be, but I had no idea how to bridge the gap. I also didn’t know how I was was going to be able to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals.

I felt so comfortable chatting to Heather and felt that I could really be open with her about where I was at in my life. She made the whole process so easy to integrate my goals and actions into my life! By the end of my coaching series, I was making decisions that took me out of my comfort zone and increased my confidence, even without realizing!

I was so amazed that not only did we set goals that were a real reflection of where I wanted to get to, but I could also see the tangible actions we set to achieve those goals! Within weeks, my friends, family and even my boss noticed a huge difference in me and told me that I was just glowing with positivity! Throughout the process, I tapped into my creativity, developed a self-care routine, made new friends, reconnected with my faith and had new experiences that I wouldn’t have done before!

I would definitely recommend Heather and CalmPassionate Coaching – this journey has been incredible and has helped me grow so much and I have no doubt it could do the same for others!”

Steph Moore

Executive Assistant

“Before I started my coaching series with Heather, I was struggling feelings of self-sabotage, self-doubt and my life felt out of control. I wasn’t allowing myself to feel successful, empowered and proud in my business. Enough was enough and I needed someone to encourage me, guide me to become the best form of me I could be and that’s when I discovered CalmPassionate Coaching.

I was a little bit reluctant at first as I hadn’t worked with a coach before, but Heather is so relatable, compassionate and her coaching style was really beneficial for me, that now I can look at things differently. I can see how negative people can be and how that affects me. I take more time to plan my life and if I feel myself becoming overwhelmed I know how to step back. I also know to recognize negative thoughts, what I need to do to serve them and be able to move on.

Now, I feel empowered, ready to succeed and positive inside and out! I would 100% recommend working with Heather – she is beautiful and she has a way with words that makes you want to be present and take charge of your life. She is so positive, compassionate and understanding. Heather has the ability to listen, absorb and relay that information back to you in a way that really sets your soul on fire –  she’s just amazing and coaching really is her calling. I know that she will enlighten so many people and set them on a path to a future they may have felt they’d never achieve otherwise.”

Alison Meyn

Business Owner, Mummy Nurture

“I was at a challenging time in my life when I found Heather, as I was struggling to settle back into Australia after living overseas for years. I felt very disconnected to myself, my life and I wasn’t happy. I knew I wanted a career change but had no idea how to start, or what exactly I wanted to do. I asked the Universe for help and then along came Heather – she was the answer I was looking for!

We started talking and she told me about her own story about taking a big career leap herself and it inspired me to do the same thing. Seeing how Heather had the confidence to back herself made me want to do the same. Working with her helped me to gain direction in my life and to feel more confident as a woman. I finally felt able to make changes in my life, so I could truly believe and connect to my own strength.

Heather guided me through my goal and this begun a strong, beautiful catalyst for everything I achieved! I became more focused, active, my confidence increased, I felt more connected to myself and what I wanted to achieve and I exceeded all my expectations! With Heather’s help and guidance my new career change is becoming reality and I am very grateful to this beautiful woman and her coaching.

Heather was the right coach for me because she is an incredible listener, she’s patient, calm and very supportive. I felt comfortable to go deeper in our conversations to really express myself, without judgment. The experience I had with CalmPassionate Coaching has helped to put me on the path I desire and deserve. I have found and gained the strength and power in myself as a woman by the help and support of another strong and beautiful woman.

If you are ready to change, shift, enhance yourself confidence and strength as a woman, I would highly recommend CalmPassionate Coaching to anyone who needs support and guidance in whatever you want to achieve in your life. Our strength as women is so supportive when we help each other and it’s so much more powerful than doing it alone. I can not express my gratitude enough for sharing this coaching series with Heather and would highly recommend her.”

Kayleane Csuti-Murphy


Workshop Praise

“Heather’s Vision Board Workshop has to be the most inspiring activity I have done since setting up my own business.  I have re-established my drive, motivation to succeed in my business and I have aligned my core and business values, centering the way I wish to continue in a more positive and intuitive manner. Thank you, Heather, for all your support.”

Katrina Reynolds

Business Owner & Photographer, Florence Family Photography

“Heather’s workshop really felt tailored to our workplace and we all definitely left it feeling we could roll out some of the mindfulness practices. Her approach was great and was the right mix amount of interactivity and presentations. Heather also helped our team to open up about their mental health issues, which was really nice to hear other colleagues speak about.”


Digital Specialist

“I really enjoyed the Vision Board Workshop because now I feel more excited, motivated and inspired! Heather puts you at ease and really helps you to dig deep into your feelings, your goals and your future. I feel that the workshop really compliments my current coaching series with Heather, to help me visualize what we discuss in my sessions and to help me move forward with my goal. It’s inspiration, creative and fun – I would recommend the workshops to anyone!”

Joanne Gold

Digital Marketing Coordinator & Blogger, Flori Park

“Heather addressed the myths about mindfulness and meditation to remind us that it’s a personal practice and it’s important to find something that works for you. She provided practical tips and reminded us that starting small and making something habit forming is a great way to make mindfulness a part of your everyday routine. Thanks Heather, the team really appreciated the session and giving people permission to take time for themselves is a very positive step to achieve workplace wellness!”

Caroline Reid

Head of Marketing, Save the Children Australia

“Heather’s Vision Board Workshop was perfectly pitched for our small group of ladies. She was confident and supportive, enthusiastic and guiding. The workshop really helped me to consider my values and how these might help to shape and achieve my goals. Thank you lovely lady, it was a wonderful experience. Xx”

Emma Gold

Primary School Teacher & Mum

“Since attending the Mindfulness for Workplace Wellness Workshop, I’ve been making a conscious effort to think more mindfully. It’s amazing how just a quick reflection can bring you a step back from ‘pressing’ workplace matters and a step closer to yourself in the moment.”



“Having recently attended a Vision Board Workshop, I can thoroughly recommend Heather and CalmPassionate Coaching! The morning was wonderfully empowering and now I have new skills to focus my energy and to drive my personal vision forward. Huge thank you to Heather for her calm and warm approach to coach us all through the process! Xx”

Zara Smith

Primary School Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

“The Mindfulness for Workplace Wellness Workshop was engaging and entertaining for our team. I really enjoyed the demonstration that showed how short breathing and mindfulness exercises can be done at any time in the workplace and make a real difference to your state of mind.”


Creative Services Manager

““Heather was very professional, created a calm atmosphere and I was happy to learn a new breathing technique to use at home and at work when I need.”


Email Specialist