Women’s Circles

Soul Sister Storytelling Circle 


Womens Storytelling Circle Melbourne

Every woman has her own unique and special story. This circle is a supportive evening of sharing experiences with like-minded women, to create a connected community and to be really seen and heard.

Together, we will hear the stories of other women and be heard as we share our own—about any topic you wish—creating powerful and often transformational connections as you are guided through the storytelling process, visual meditation, and oracle card readings. This evening is for women of all ages and experiences who are looking for new friendships, to feel closer within their community and to have a platform to share their experiences, feelings, and stories to feel more empowered, supported, confident and to be truly heard.

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Intuitive Vision Board Workshops

For heartfelt empaths, introverts and highly sensitive people

  • Do you dream of a more beautiful, connected and soul-led life?
  • Do you have big goals and ideas but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Deep down you know you are destined for more meaning, purpose, creativity, connection, love, beauty, inspiration, intuition and so much more!

Well my love, why not start your path by tapping into your intuition, listening to your heart, body, and mind to create your very own intuitive vision board?

Thanks to people like Oprah, vision boards have increased in popularity and are a fabulous way for empaths and sensitive people to deeply connect with their dreams. Vision boards are a visual representation of everything you want to achieve, work towards, feel, remind yourself of and much more!

Each board is unique and personal to the creator – there is no right or wrong way to do a vision board as it is purely for you to use. Vision boards can be paper-based (like in this workshop), or digitalized, and can be applied in many different ways to help you stay motivated and keep on track with your goals. 

These workshops are designed specifically for sensitive souls who feel their way around the world, absorb the emotions of others, need quiet time to sit, think and recharge their batteries. Throughout this 3 hour workshop, you’ll learn how to start feeling into your body to allow your conscious creativity to flow out into your vision board.

You’ll learn how to stay grounded using meditation and mindful creativity techniques such as intuitive drawing. You’ll also have an opportunity to connect and create with other beautifully sensitive and heartfelt souls.

Past Events

New Year, New Vision Intuitive Vision Board Workshop

“I really enjoyed the Vision Board Workshop because now I feel more excited, motivated and inspired! Heather puts you at ease and really helps you to dig deep into your feelings, your goals and your future. I feel that the workshop really compliments my current coaching series with Heather, to help me visualize what we discuss in my sessions and to help me move forward with my goal. It’s inspiration, creative and fun – I would recommend the workshops to anyone!”

Joanne Gold

Digital Marketing Coordinator & Blogger, Flori Park