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How to identify your introvert signs

Introverts are often mistaken as being shy, timid, quiet and unsociable, which for many introverts, simply isn’t true! Introversion is more about how you re-energize and less about how you socialize, although of course there can be some cross-over in certain situations.

For example, many introverts love being social with family and friends – even in larger groups of people. Where the mythology starts to get skewed and misinterpreted, is where the socialization happens with people we don’t know so much. This is because, for introverts, it takes much more energy to smile, do “small talk” and to try to get to know new people at a surface level. Generally speaking, this isn’t an introverts jam. We prefer to dive right in and have D&Ms with people we’re already comfortable with. We’ve already done the work to build these relationships so we can enjoy the depths of these connections.

If we spend an evening getting to know new people, we’ll feel exhausted and need to recover alone. If we spend an evening with people we already know, we tend to flourish and feel more energized by the depths of discussions and the quality of the connections.

Still not sure where you stand? These 10 signs you might be an introvert should help you on your way…

10 signs you might be an introvert


1 – You love your alone time

Of course, you love spending time with close family and friends, but as an introvert, you also need to have your alone time to recharge your batteries. Because of this, you’re comfortable in sitting in a peaceful quiet space, doing what you love such as reading, writing, daydreaming or light crafting. Bliss!


2 – Small talk exhausts you

You’d think there was only so much you can say about the weather each day right? As Britain’s top go-to topic for small talk, the average Brit spends 10 minutes each day, chatting about the weather, which equals 4 months in their lifetime! As well as enquiring about family, where you’re going on holidays and what you’re doing Friday night (see point 4), pointless chit-chat about these dull subjects feels like a wasted effort. Now surely we can find something more meaningful to talk about…


3 – You escape through creativity

Whether it’s reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies or creating your own vision boards, there’s something about creativity, dreams, visions, and fiction that helps you escape and unwind. Not only that, but it also helps your mind to process and declutter, clearing space for more thinking, pondering and processing information, making you feel more organized and calm.


4 – Friday nights are for winding down not partying up

Ok, so once upon a time, Friday nights were for partying with friends and after-work drinks. But as you become more self-aware of your sensitivity, you find that ending your work week on a drunken dancefloor and the rest of your weekend on the sofa,  isn’t working for you anymore (and that’s ok!).


5 – Stimuli such as screens, lights, and sounds are draining

Too many gadgets on the go? This can “do your head in” as your internal monologue is drowned out by various technologies, social and sensory stimulations – it can all be a bit too much to process! This can be draining on your mind, body and soul which in turn, can affect your sleeping habits too. Best to limit your exposure, especially before bed.


6 – You’re more of a “thinker” than a “speaker

You have a way with words when your mind has time to think and process. You don’t like being put “on-the-spot”, because you like to take a more considered approach. This doesn’t mean you can’t make decisions when you need to, it’s just your preference to mull it over for a minute or two, before committing to what you say – because you’re more emotionally tied to what you speak and commit to.


7 – You love deep connections and meaningful conversations

You thrive on getting to know the “real” person beneath the small talk and sharing experiences, opinions, thoughts, and dreams. You don’t care as much for the surface-level stuff and try to avoid small-talk because your energy is better spent on something meaningful, than chatting about the weather.

8 – After a busy social day, you need to lie down and crash out

Everyone loves having fun right? Introverts are no different. When we’re out and about, we love to connect, catch up and have fun too! But instead of being energized by these interactions, it might take our energy away instead – especially if it’s a long day, lots of people and doing lots of things. Think, more interactions = longer nap required!


9 – You’re not a fan of chatting on the phone

We’ve all got those friends who love to do phone catch ups. As much as it’s great to touch base and hear all about what your friends are up to, it can also be exhausting. Scheduling calls in can be the best way to get around our more extroverted mates, but with some impromptu phone calls…they just might get “missed” every now and then.


10 – You can get into the “zone” for long periods of time

Concentration isn’t an issue for introverts, in fact, we thrive off detailed, focused and concentrated work where we can do a really good job on one thing at a time. Sometimes this seems like a luxury in our super-busy, always switched on lives, but if you can commit to concentration, you’ll see (and feel!) the satisfaction and excellent results.

Are you an introvert who can identify with some of these signs above? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences and tips in the comments below!

With love,

Heather Currie