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Understanding the power of vision boards

With the New Year in full swing, you may be left wondering where the first month has gone and how “ambitious” your New Year’s resolutions seem now. But the funny thing about “New Year”, is that you can create goals and make healthy tweaks any time of year, which means it’s not too late (and it never will be!)

Understanding what you want to do, own, achieve, succeed in and aspire too is half the battle. If you’ve got these figured out – great! But…now what?

What I have found to be really powerful, is to turn those goals, ambitious dreams and resolutions into a personalized Vision Board. But what is a “Vision Board”?

If you Google “Vision Board”, you’ll find about 1,980,000,000 results in approx. 0.62 seconds. Which shows just how popular they have become, thanks to celebs like Oprah who, like me, swear by them.

A vision board is a visual representation of your goal. Which is simple enough to do, you find some nice pictures, inspirational words and stick them onto a piece of card and stick them up on your wall. Too easy!

But I like to take it to the next level, because being an empath, I crave and need the depth and meaning to come through in my vision boards. Which means I create my boards in this same way and the outcome is so powerful that I’ve had some vision boards on display for a couple of years and they are just as motivating as when I first created them.

How to make a vision board

The key is to tap into how you feel, about your goal – not just what it looks like. When you connect your feelings with your vision, it makes it really personal, powerful and motivating because it already feels real. It feels like you can actually get there and it’s not a disconnected vision that could belong to somebody else.

With this depth of meaning, power, inspiration and motivation, you’ll find that it keeps you on track and helps keep you accountable to achieve the end outcome. Whether it’s a vision for the next 3 months or 30 years, looking at it will help you change your mindset to make small changes and decisions that draw you closer to where you want to be. Some people will call this “manifesting”, but I like to think of it more as intuitive power. Something that everyone has, can draw upon at any time and doesn’t sound too “hippyish” or “woo-woo”. Whatever you call it, it is a powerful source to tap into.

How to make a vision board

And once your vision board is made and you’ve put your dreams out into the world to make it “real”, it’ll help give you the confidence and clarity to take the steps you need to get there, no matter how slowly it goes. Plus, when made intuitively, they can also look beautiful too!

If you’re feeling creativity calling and you’re craving clarity and confidence this year, I’d love to have you at my Vision Board Workshop in Melbourne. You can buy tickets and find out more here.

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Heather Currie