Self development on a shoestring

Self-development doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Self-development. It seems to be one of the trendy phrases over the last few years along with #selflove and #selfcare. But despite all the gorgeous photo’s and inspirational quotes, there is a deep longing for many people to tread the self-development path.

Along with many other women in their twenties and thirties, I’ve been on my own self-development over the last few years. I came to a time in my life where I needed to better understand myself and learn more about the world around me to determine how I wanted to live my life in a way that felt best for me. And what I uncovered, was truly life-changing (which I guess is the whole point of trying to develop yourself!) and I’m transitioning to change careers from my digital marketing day job, to becoming a Certified Life Coach, writer and speaker for sensitive women.

But what I’ve really noticed within the “self-development movement” is the misconception that to take this journey and learn more about yourself, that you need to have the $$$ to do it. Which is, of course, an option, but it’s not the only option and I strongly believe in access to education and information for all. Besides, at the beginning of your journey, you might not have access to, or want to, spend the big bucks on courses, re-training, and all the resources, if you’re not really sure you’ve found the “right thing” for you.

The self-development journey is like a tree. There are many branches, each takes a slightly different journey from the same path, and ultimately end in the same, but also kinda different, beautiful outcome.

So if you’re interested in learning more and testing the waters with your own self-development journey, here are a few free or cheap ideas to get you started, that I have used myself as a part of my own story.

Self-development on a shoestring:

Hello free books!

Have you visited your local library recently? You might be pleasantly surprised! Many libraries are well stocked with books on everything from learning new skills, guides on “how-to” do things and the self-help section is overflowing in abundance of tips and advice from the greatest thought leaders of our time. And they’re all free! Pop down to your local library to review the selection and start piquing your interest to inspire your self-development journey.

You can with YouTube 

You’ve probably heard of and used YouTube. The world’s most popular video platform has literally millions of videos from health and fitness, learning how to play an instrument, to stepping you through important life skills, it would be virtually impossible these days to go on there and not find what you’re looking for. You’ll also probably find lots of cats doing cool things, so maybe do in with a list of ideas to search so you don’t get stuck wishing you could train your pet to make you a social media superstar!

Downloading development freebies

With the wellbeing and self-development movement being so popular right now, there are so so many freebies and downloadable worksheets, webinars and ebooks to get you inspired and to help you take the first step on your own journey. If you’re a sensitive soul and you’re looking for some powerful resources to unlock your passions and find clarity, then my HSP Mindful Map and Banishing Negative Thoughts worksheets are a great starting point and can be found in my Freebies Library.

Free learning with FutureLearn

Think there’s “no such thing as a free lunch?” Well, sometimes life can surprise you with a free buffet instead! That’s been my experience of using FutureLearn, a free online platform full of courses that cover absolutely everything! Run by leading professors and teachers from Universities around the world, you can join courses from 1 week to a few months and go at your own pace with video seminars and online learning modules. I’ve completed courses that range from digital marketing skills to psychology and nutrition.

Unlimited options with Udemy

Whilst we’re looking at online courses, Udemy is a great and cheap option to develop any skill you’re looking to dabble in further. From as little as $13AUD, you can find video tutorials on a broad variety of topics, skills and learning outcomes and they always seem to have a sale on too!

Free friendly coaching consults

If you’re looking to make changes in your life and you’re looking for support but you’re not really sure who to turn to, then chatting with a Life Coach could be the option for you. With coaches specializing in everything from business, motherhood, life stages and personality types (like me!), you’re bound to find someone who is the right fit for you. And if you’re not sure about life coaching or what this experience might be like, then why not book in your free consult with them and see how it goes? Most coaches offer them, they range from around 20 minutes to 1 hour and are completely free with no obligations to commit to a coaching package if it doesn’t feel right for you. If you’re interested in testing the waters with a life coach, then complete my free questionnaire to get you started and email me to book in your free Curiosity Chat to see how coaching could help you change your life!

And these recommendations are all my own because I have used them, I am in no way affiliated with any of the below companies – I just found them really useful!

Best of luck with your self-development journey and post a comment below to update me on your journey!

With love,

Heather Currie